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I spend fifty percent of my time teaching others to do exactly what I have done. If you are ready for a new adventure and want to learn how to develop online income streams and a truly portable income lifestyle, consider joining VARS – Virtual Asset Retirement System. I also presently teach an online course on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

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My bestseller, How To Pray For A Financial Miracle is available on in print, Kindle, and If you want to check it out for free, I also make it available as a free PDF download – Click Here. People love the print version because it has a section in the back to use as a prayer journal.

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Jim discusses new app that pays cash back on gas

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Earn Residual Income Renting Storage Space In Your Home

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My Story

By The Age Of 30 I Became A Multi-Millionaire

I was a highly successful money manager, author, and radio/TV host. I became a muti-millionaire by the age of 30.

I Went Bankrupt And Considered Suicide

My accountant (my own brother) embezzled a seven figure sum and I ended up dead broke, disillusioned, and felt I had no other option than suicide.

My Financial Miracle

I prayed that God would restore what I had lost, but He revealed a better direction for my life. I reinvented myself and discovered a new way to earn a living and help people that were going through their own financial challenges. I learned to harness the power of podcasting, self publishing, affiliate marketing, blogging, social media, and online video, to reach the masses and earn a full time income. The ability to work from any location and make my own hours has transformed my life. I also became an early adopter of cryptocurrency in 2012.

Jim’s Radio Show And Blog

From a radio studio built inside my Florida home, I host a live talk show Sunday nights at 9 PM Eastern. For Information on how to listen to the live broadcast and how to access FREE downloads of past episodes Click Here.

My blog has hundreds of articles on a wide variety of topics, all content is free, Click Here.

How To Pray For A Financial Miracle