Because I Love You
The Financial Plan For Those You Leave Behind

I am excited to share with you the latest updated version of Because I Love You.  What you will find very special about this e book, is that it contains literally everything you need to let your loved ones know what to do after your death or incapacity.  I can not even begin to tell you how many times people have contacted me over the years with problems settling an estate, simply due to a lack of information.

This is not a will kit or even a living trust. Because I Love You is a step-by-step instruction manual that you prepare to inform your loved ones everything they need to know after your death.  This is information that is not included in a Will or Trust document.

How many times have you heard about a surviving spouse or child not being able to find a stock certificate, insurance policy, or other important document needed to settle the estate of their loved one?  What about deeds to real estate, corporate benefits, or other important assets and information that they must know about to be able to settle the estate.   There is no central repository of information that one can go to get these answers. What about military benefits, personal loans owed to the deceased, stocks, and bonds, the list is endless.  Now there is an answer.

My associate Robert Yetman and myself have spent ten years assembling and refining the most complete set of estate planning forms and worksheets available anywhere.  In our most recent revision, we have made the forms available in both PDF and Word format.  You can fill the forms our right on your computer or you can print them out and fill them in by hand.  In either case, you can make changes or updates any time you need to as you estate changes over time.  What's more is that we give you our 100% permission to use this e Book for yourself and your entire extended family.  Buy one e Book and e mail it to all of your relatives and everyone and can use it!

Wouldn't You Want Your Loved Ones To Know:

  • who is your financial planner and what is their phone number?
  • how do they contact your accountant and/or tax preparer?
  • who is your preferred funeral home and do you have a pre paid funeral plan?
  • what insurance do you own and who are your insurance agents?
  • where are the deeds to your real estate and other property?
  • how to locate the title to the vehicles you own.
  • are you entitled to military benefits?
  • do you have an interest in any corporate retirement plans and where are they?
  • where are your bank accounts and who is your banker?
  • who is your attorney and how can they be contacted?
  • where is your will, trust, and other estate documents being stored?
  • who is your minister?  who do you want to speak at your funeral?

This is just a partial list of issues that you will be able to address when filling out the simple forms and worksheets in the Because I Love You e Book.  Believe me, we have not left anything out and you can not find another book like this anywhere!  Once you place your order, you will receive all of the e Books and bonus items by e mail with 4 hours or less.

This package is available for a limited time for just  $39.95
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